Hi there!

I’m Pen, a Hamburg/Germany based artist.
Besides being the owner of this shop, I am a freelance illustrator and 2D animation artist.

After getting my Bachelor of Arts in 2015, I worked for the gaming industry and went from a 2D animation intern to Lead Technical Animator. I realised that I wanted to be my own boss and became a freelancer in 2018.
I wanted to market my own artwork, ideas and keep my creativity going by doing various projects. So from this wish, my little shop was born in 2021.

This is also the reason why my shop is named as it is.
I had a few “brand” names in mind. But nothing felt quite as right as just saying; you are getting an item I made or designed.
I am still in the planning phase for a lot of new items, and in future you will find a variety of merch with a plethora of themes. Or helpful little tools that I designed and produce in my little workspace at home. I also have an Etsy shop that features most (if not all) of the products I have.

If you want to see more of my illustrations, animations and general freelancer side,
you can check out my art portfolio on my main page penwinter.com!

Thank you for reading!

F.A.Q. – Shop Info

Q: Can I buy wholesale quantities?
A: I generally don’t sell in wholesale quantities, as I only order my printed merch in small quantities to begin with. But I’m not opposed to the idea. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the matter.
Q: Is your packaging/shop eco friendly?
A: I aim to be as eco friendly as possible with my small business.
My packaging mostly consists of paper:
– Cardboard boxes or envelopes
– Paper tissue for stuffing
– Water activated paper tape, reinforced with glass fibre for sealing. (the fibre is filtered out during recycling)
For example: If you order a clutch remover, the packaging you receive can go into the paper recycling bin as is.

Depending on the fragility of the item I will have to resort to bubble wrapping to ensure save shipping. I use either 50% recycled bubble wrap (it appears gray-ish in colour) or I re-purpose bubble warp I received from my private shopping.

3D Prints:
You may also be interested to know, that the plastic I use for 3D prints (PLA) is a thermoplastic polyester based on renewable recourses (corn starch or sugarcane) and is biodegradable under industrial composting conditions.
Most recycling facilities do not process PLA, thus we can’t throw it into the plastics bin. As solution I am collecting all my PLA waste and empty spools to send it to https://recyclingfabrik.com.

Q: Can you draw me XYZ, or make a custom item for me?
A: I take commissions. To get more info please have a look at my art portfolio.
We can arrange to get you a custom item printed with the commission, but be warned that printing costs for single items are usually quite high, as low or single quantities aren’t feasible for manufacturers.
Q: What programs and/or tools are you using?
A: For digital artwork I use Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Design and Photoshop on an iMac with a Wacom cintiq13HD.
For 3D it’s a mix of Tinkercad, SketchUp and ZBrush. Hardware: Ender 3.
Q: I didn't receive an order confirmation email, or a shipping email with tracking.
A: The order confirmation email is sent out after an order was placed, please check your spam folder in case it landed there.
Shipping confirmation will be sent within the processing time, which is between 1-3 business days. Depending on order volume I bring my orders to the postal office on Mondays and Thursdays.
Made to order or custom items may require a longer processing time. How long will be stated in the item description.

If a shipping method with tracking was used; the shipment confirmation email also displays the tracking number and a link to the providing tracking service. If you have trouble with your tracking number, don’t hesitate to email me.

Q: An item I want is sold out, will it be back?
A: It depends on the item.
3D printed items will be back as soon as I printed a new batch, or I got a new roll of filament. Other items might take
a while to be restocked depending on material availability, or will be changed/improved for the next release.
If an item is removed from my stores it is not coming back.