Pin Grading


Enamel pins are handmade and each one is its own little piece of art. During creation various small flaws may occur and I grade all pins I receive under daylight to the best of my abilities and knowledge. Please keep that in mind before ordering.
Not all types of flaws apply to all pin designs. Like pins without glitter feature no flaws related to that.

A Grade – The standard

Grade A is close to (or completely) flawless. The minor flaws are only visible under close inspection or certain light angles.
None of these flaws are on focal points like faces. Depending on the design and materials used the flaws my be:

– Tiny specks of dust in the enamel.
– Specks of mis-coloured glitter.
– Pin needle sized dots (bubbles) on enamel.
– Micro-scratches on the plating.
– Hardly noticeable underfill, overfill or uneven enamel areas.

B grade – Seconds

B grades, also known as seconds, feature flaws that are more noticeable and come with a reduced price. These flaws are not distracting from the overall design. Some of the flaws may be may be:

– Dust or bubbles in focal points 
– Scratches on the metal plating or enamel.
– Underfill, overfill or dips in enamel areas.
– Small discoloration of enamel or plating chips.
– Misaligned screen printing.

C- Grade

This grade shows flaws that are big enough to distract from the design. They usually are not up for sale and are used as freebies. In case you are a modder, or in general are interested in a C grade, you can message me to see if I have any left.