Enamel Pin Rubber Clutch Remover, De-Clutcher Tool – 3D Print


Helping tool to remove rubber pin back clutches from Enamel Pins. If you have to handle a lot of pins, it saves times and can prevent sore fingertips. You simply slide the pin down the top (ears) to make the clutches pop off, which are collected in the body.

It works for up to two pin posts and RUBBER clutches only (any shape).
I print these with my own desktop 3D printer, meaning the FDM print technique leaves layers visible by eye and touch. Being a tool it will show signs of usage after a while.

★ Measuring 9 cm x 6,5 cm x 4 cm.
★ Slit for the pin posts: 0,4mm ->big enough for posts that have tiny spacer spikes.
★ Colours may vary between your monitor’s colour settings and the physical product.
★ Material/Filament used: biodegradable PLA, produced in Germany or Europe. Heat resistant up to 60 °C/150 °F.

I do not sell STL files of my designs.

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