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Announcement regarding COVID-19 and shipping

UPDATE 23.6.20: While the German Postal Service is still not offering goods shipments to the US, I found an independent carrier that forwards packages to USPS, and I will be using them for now.
So shipping to the USA will be resumed, but I will have to collect some orders to ship them in bulk to keep the shipping cost at the current level. Meaning I will have to hold orders for around a week or two, before I can hand them over to the carrier.

Sadly shipping to Australia is still not possible. Every carrier I checked out has astronomical shipping cost, so I have to wait for the Postal Service to ship there again.

UPDATE 30.5.20: The German postal service is able to resume most of its international shipping of goods again.
But due to limited staff, or slower transportation means, the delivery time for international order goes up to around 4-5 weeks.
Sadly, the USA and Australia are still not included and I can’t ship items there.

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